Context: This is the last week of class for my 50 master’s level Leadership students at NYU. This is the 8th and 9th time I’ve taught this course and 191 students have passed through my orbit.

NYU is the fourth institution that I’ve taught at as an Adjunct. The others include a small Community College in rural Massachusetts and a world-class Engineering college, my alma mater – WPI.

I woke up this morning and realized that I was experiencing some sadness about the end of this semester…an end, quite frankly, that I thought I was looking forward to.

As I processed my feelings the sadness was somewhat displaced by gratitude. Now I’m a hot mess feeling both sad and grateful and I decided to share this with our community and ask you to share why you love being an Adjunct.

I’ll be sharing my thoughts in an upcoming podcast; meanwhile, please share your stories about making a difference either in the ‘Comments’ section below or by leaving a voicemail at (917) 765-0159 and I’ll look at including some of these in the podcast.

We’d love to hear from you…