The Adjunct’s Dilemma

We love what we do. Adjuncts who make their living only by teaching are underpaid, undervalued and don’t have a lot of money to spend on non-essentials. A new Adjunct is often in need of guidance, tools and resources but finding them is either impossible or requires hours of searching the web.

The Balance We’re Attempting To Strike On The Adjunct Connection

We’re Adjuncts as well. The balance we seek is to offer real value at no cost, some value at minimal cost and full access to the all of The Adjunct Connection for about the cost of a movie.

Three Four Plans

  • A la carte: you come you, you see, you purchase what you want (at Adjunct-friendly prices) and you ride off into the sunset;

  • Free: just register and you can access a growing list of valuable resources;

  • Premium: $6.49 and the site is your oyster – full access to all resources, blogs and an opportunity to shape the thinking and help other Adjuncts. You also get access to a community of students who will answer questions and provide advice from a student’s perspective.

  • New! Sign up for 30 days for $0.99!

Our Premium Membership

What You’ll Learn & What You’ll Have Access To

Guidance & Tools To Design & Integrate Your Course(s)

Detailed Design Tips On Creating & Reusing Class Slides, Projects, Case Studies With Minimal Effort

Expert Advice About Grading, Rubrics And A Fully Customizable Spreadsheet That Will Save You Hours Every Semester

A ‘Money Ball’ Inspired Technique For Grouping Students For Diversity And Success.

A Tool For Taking Attendance With Near-Zero Effort And Complete Documentation

Tips On Building Relationships With Administrators, Documenting Student Interactions And More

Design and Organize Your Course

  • Define The Purpose & Outcomes For Your Course

  • Move From Purpose To Content and Flow

  • Create Engaging and Reusable Content

  • Managing The Classroom

  • Grading Rubric With Methods and Tools

  • Managing Student Relationships

Resources & Tools

  • Syllabus: Its Purpose, Outline and Template

  • Grading Spreadsheet

  • Tent Card Template

  • ‘Baseball Card’ Method Of Grouping Students

  • Books To Guide Your Way

  • Software To Make Your Life Easier

The Student’s Perspective

  • Understand How Students Process & Think About Their Classes

  • Interact With My Former Students

  • Ask Questions

  • Solve Problems

  • Understand The Ways In Which You Can Impact Learning Outcomes

  • Seek Advice

  • Engage Other Faculty

Working With Administrators

  • Understand What’s Important To Administrators

  • Helping Them To Help You

  • Giving Back To The Community

  • How They Can Solve Problems

  • Your Role and Their Role

  • Seek Advice

  • Ask Them To Engage Other Faculty

Join Our Community

  • Interact With Faculty From All Disciplines

  • Interact With Actual Students

  • Share Your Ideas, Tools & Techniques

  • Ask Questions You’re Uncomfortable Asking At Your School

  •  Solve Problems

  • Ask For And Provide Help

  • Seek Advice

You’ll Also Receive Membership In Faculty And Student Communities Where Questions Are Asked And Answered By Folks In The Know.

A Number Of My Adjunct Colleagues And Former Students Are Part Of This Dialogue…It’s A Place Where You Can Get An Objective Answer From An Instructor’s And A Student’s Perspective.

We offer an unconditional money-back guarantee and the subscription is processed by PayPal. For a limited time only, we are offering a full 1 year membership with unlimited access and downloads for $12.99. We will be raising the subscription price within the next few weeks to reflect the expanding content (value) of The Adjunct Connection. Click HERE to upgrade to Premium.