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New! Jack Rahaim and Dr. Andres Fortino discuss how they became Adjuncts and offer advice to others who would like to do the same.

Jack Rahaim wears a couple of hats these days: he continues actively consulting through Jack Rahaim Consulting, Inc., which he founded in 1993; he also is an Adjunct Instructor at NYU preparing to teach his 10th section of a master’s level course in Leadership.

Jack is also the creator of this website, The Adjunct Connection.

In the past, Jack has been an Adjunct at a small Community College in rural Massachusetts as well as at his alma mater, Worcester Polytech and has been a guest lecturer at Stanford and Harvard Universities on the topics of gaining a sustainable strategic advantage through emerging technologies.

Having been mentored by outstanding Adjuncts and having been asked to mentor others, Jack has a keen sense of what the challenges of being an Adjunct are and how to create approaches to deal with those challenges.