Welcome to The Adjunct Connection

Adjuncts/New Instructors/Seasoned Veterans of Teaching…Welcome!

My name is Jack Rahaim and I have been an Adjunct Instructor at four different institutions ranging from a wonderful Community College in rural Massachusetts to a world class university in New York City and I am excited to have you join us here. The primary idea for The Adjunct Connection was for it to be a meeting place for Adjuncts, Administrators and Students, a place to share resources and tools and a community dedicated to sharing knowledge and providing support.

The Need For A Resource For Adjuncts

As someone who mentors Adjuncts, I hear the same statement over and over: “I was appointed to an Adjunct Instructor’s position and immediately thrown into the deep end of the pool with little or no support!”

Even those of us who have taught for many years are often looking for new ways to make ourselves more effective and more efficient. As someone who has had the benefit of having mentors throughout my career, and, as someone who mentors other adjunct/new faculty members, it occurred to me that there is a need for a place to gather as a community and to share best practices and resources.

Aren’t There Already Adjunct Sites?

Too many of the online resources I’ve found only deal with the monetary side of being an adjunct (which is a significant issue and we one which we can certainly discuss here as well) or a place to complain about the way Adjuncts are treated (often badly) but I have not found a place to go for guidance and resources dealing with the art and craft of teaching. That’s what The Adjunct Connection is about.

Three Four Ways To Participate In This Site

We’ve structured this site with three approaches:

  • A totally FREE section which will help you understand what you need to do before you step into the classroom; this section has been honed by years of experience and informed by input from other adjuncts/instructors. This free section also includes downloads and links to a number of FREE resources; we plan to add to this list over time.

  • A la Carte: You can purchase individual tools/resources/swag without having to sign up for a Premium Membership; simply click on Purchase Individual Products in the menu above;

  • Premium Content section in which you’ll receive the full content of this site (plus ongoing updates)  as well as the opportunity to contribute to and access our blog. We’ll provide concepts, tips, templates, (including a fully customizable grading spreadsheet that will save you hours of effort) and a unique tent card template that will solve a number of potential problems before they occur.

  • As an early subscriber, we’ve set the price for Premium Content at $6.49 per year for access to the entire site. Today the site is full of  tools, techniques, hacks and tips all designed to make us more effective and efficient in our roles as instructors.

  • New: Monthly Premium Plan for $0.99 for 30 days full access and downloads.

    We will be adding content as we go, including content from other faculty members (and you we hope). The Community Blogs will evolve as you, other instructors, as well as former and current students interact and support each other.

    Please contact me if you have any questions/concerns/suggestions.

We’re Pleased To Have You Here!

Jack Rahaim

Founder, The Adjunct Connection


Other Faculty: You will have access to our online community consisting of other instructors where we share tips, solutions and discuss problems. You’ll be a member of forums where you provide assistance to others, ask questions and learn from the experience of other instructors. Meet two of the faculty members who are part of this site: Jack Rahaim, Founder of Jack Rahaim Consulting, Inc., NYU Adjunct Faculty, Founder of The Adjunct Connection and Andres Fortino, Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer at Autonomous Professional Development, NYU SPS Adjunct Faculty. Coming Soon: Weekly Blogs by a number of our faculty contributors.

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University of Texas at Dallas

Current and Former Students: There will be times during your career when you’ll have questions that you don’t feel comfortable asking your current students or for which you need an unbiased answer; you will have access to a number of my former students (and those of other members) who will share there opinions, answer questions and weigh in on topics for which there isn’t universal agreement.

Meet some of my former students – just a few of the students with whom you can interact in our Connect With Students Blog (Premium Feature).








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