The Need For A Resource For Adjuncts

As someone who mentors Adjuncts, I hear the same statement over and over: “I was appointed to an Adjunct Instructor’s position and immediately thrown into the deep end of the pool with little or no support!”

Even those of us who have taught for many years are often looking for new ways to make ourselves more effective and more efficient. As someone who has had the benefit of having mentors throughout my career, and, as someone who mentors other adjunct/new faculty members, it occurred to me that there is a need for a place to gather as a community and to share best practices and resources. You’ll have access to Master Teachers, Podcasts, downloadable tools and guides, a community of faculty member and students and much more.

In A Nutshell

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Adjuncts are continually creating new ways to be more effective. The Adjunct Connection is dedicated to creating, collecting and sharing these ideas, tools and techniques.

The Adjunct Connection offers you Free, à la carte Monthly Premium and Annual Premium Content – simply pick the plan that suits your needs and budget.


The most common question we get asked: “How did you become an Adjunct”? Listen to Jack Rahaim and Dr. Andres Fortino in their new podcast discuss this topic plus challenges they’ve faced and how they’ve dealt with those challenges. Click on the microphone above to be brought to the podcast page.

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Tools & Resources

Downloadable templates, spreadsheets, guides and much more!

Adjunct Statement Mug

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Featured Articles & Podcasts

Andres Fortino compares designing and implementing a course to cutting edge thinking about startups. Ever wonder why, part way through the semester, you’re having difficulties fitting the content, students and their abilities and the calendar together into a cohesive whole? Andres explains why and how to think about your course design to avoid this problem. Click here to read Andres’ thought provoking article.

Podcasts: Andres is featured in a number of Podcasts including how to become an adjunct and how to think about Faculty Observations.

Stephanie Szitanyi talks about the relationship between Adjuncts and Administrators. She has worked as an Administrator at prestigious universities and is still active as an adjunct. We think this perspective is so important that we’ve made access to it free for a limited time. Click here to read Stephanie’s article.

Luis Lacouture discusses a number of ways to become an Adjunct in this informative Podcast.

Resources By And For Adjuncts

We’ve assembled the best people and the best resources to help Adjuncts (old and new) succeed and be more effective.

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